Hi, I'm Oscar

Since 2020, I’ve been inspired to add value to the world as Maria Popova, Paul Graham, and Tim Urban have done (some of my favorite content creators).

On this page, you will mostly find content ranging from blog posts, book reviews, personal newsletters, and my favorite media references, all of which include thoughts and/or learnings that I believe others may find value from.

Usually topics on...

  • Philosophy - existentialism, objective vs. subjective reality, conflict of individualism vs. collectivisim, reductionism and materialism, ethics, morality.
  • Society - culture, identity, the human condition, language, technology, ancient history, behavioral economics and psychology.
  • Futurism - neurotechnology and human augmentation, bionics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, astronomy/astrophysics, blockchain.
  • Complexity - the brain, systems of the universe, chess.